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Chae Dongha's death presumed to be suicide by police

Submitted: May 27 2011 06:52 PM by Uni

On May 27th, former SG Wannabe member and leader Chae Dongha (29) was found dead by his manager in his apartment. According to his manager, Chae Dongha had been suffering from depression ever since his former manager died in 2008 from gas inhalation. Hours after Chae Dongha was found, police released information the media based on their findings.

"Firemen found Chae Dongha dead at 11:30 am today, his neck hanging from a necktie he hung to a hanger in his dressing room," said the police. "There is no reason for us to be suspicious of murder so far."

Emergency and law enforcement were called when Chae Dongha's manager lost contact with the singer, who had a Japan concert coming up.

According to police, Chae Dongha was suffering from depression for a long time and medication had been found in his apartment. No proof of anyone breaking into the apartment was found. Chae Dongha's mother has requested police, who will continue their investigation to find out exactly what happened while an autopsy will be performed on Chae Dongha's body. According to the singer's mother, Chae Dongha had no reason to take his life.

Chae Dongha made his solo debut in 2002, but became known for his vocals through SG Wannabe, who debuted in 2004 with members Kim Yongjun and Kim Jinho. In 2008, Chae Dongha left the group to pursue his solo career and was replaced by Lee Seokhun.

Source: 10Asia

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