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Director Kim Taeyong and Chinese actress Tang Wei dating?

Submitted: Nov 26 2012 04:30 PM by happyazngirl08

After rumors of being in a relationship with Hyun Bin, Chinese actress Tang Wei is now reportedly in a relationship with Korean film director Kim Taeyong.

The two had met in 2009 on the set of "Late Autumn," which is a melodrama directed by Kim Taeyong and starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei. During the filming of "Late Autumn," Tang Wei and Kim Taeyong were on very good terms and often discussed acting techniques and moviemaking with each other. When filming for the movie finished, Tang Wei and Kim Taeyong had already become good friends, but it was not until this year that the two decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Although the couple has not made an official statement regarding their relationship, many close friends have revealed that the two are indeed currently dating. Close friends have revealed that Tang Wei and Kim Taeyong like to take walks together on their dates and that Tang Wei has even bought a house in Korea so that she can be closer to Kim Taeyong.

Many other people have also pointed to Tang Wei's frequent visits to Korea as further evidence that the actress is dating Kim Taeyong. In addition, the director has also made frequent visits to Beijing, and friends believe that although the visits may have been related to work, they were also opportunities for the couple to meet up.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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