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Fans and close friends celebrate G-Dragon's birthday

Submitted: Aug 18 2011 07:10 PM by ohgelie

On the 18th of August, fans and close friends alike shared their warm greetings to Big Bang's G-Dragon as he celebrated his 23rd birthday.

On the eve of his birthday, both local and international fans started trending the tag, #itsGDay, as they compiled birthday greetings on the social networking site, Twitter. It was spotted to have reached the number four spot on Twitter's worldwide trending lists, making fans delighted of the effort they made. Some used the tag to post their favorite quotes and memorable appearances of G-Dragon while others used it to post facts about their idol.

Despite the previous warning that G-Dragon will be politely declining all gifts from his fans, fan site "Kwon Jiyong Supporters" was reported to have donated 20 Million won (approximately $20,000) to a childcare hospital in Seoul, South Korea today.

According to the supporters, they will celebrate G-Dragon's birthday by donating 12 million won for children with rare dieases and 8 million won to kids fighting heart diseases and hydrocephalus. The fan site also sent out a statement saying, “Since G-Dragon has already stated that he would not accept any birthday gifts, we are instead going to increase our donation efforts and raise awareness for the needy children, as we believe that’s what G-Dragon meant to say,”

Earlier today, fans were also surprised as international rapper Flo Rida also sent his own greeting for G-Dragon as he posted, “a big Happy Birthday S/O to my homie from South Korea, G-Dragon !” The two were previously involved in a plagiarism issue after G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" was suspected to be an exact copy for Flo Rida's track "Right Round."; Fans then praised G-dragon for the connection he has in the music industry.

Meanwhile, close friends and family members alike also shared their birthday greetings to him via Twitter. Fellow labelmate Sean from Jinusean previously tweeted, "Happy birthday to ma boy G-Dragon!". While, G-Dragon's older sister, Kwon Dami, greeted him on Twitter by saying, "Happy bday to my lil bro~love ya~" and posted unseen photos of a little G-Dragon .

Taeyang's manager, Boram, also sent in a message for the Big Bang member by posting, "Thank you so much who congratulated JiYong’s Bday^^ I hope that all BigBang members can be very happy surrounded by your attention and love~~ don’t go anywhere, keep support them^^ be happy everyone~~"

As a response to the warm greetings, G-Dragon updated his official account on UFO Town and left a message saying, "Hi~ This is JiYong! After I debuted, I had a lot of happy birthdays, thanks to you for congratulating me every year~ Thank you! I also wish you have a nice day! Be happy!!^^".

He was reported to have been spotted celebrating his birthday party in Yeolbong's Chicken in Hongdae together with T.O.P., Jo Sungmin, Gummy, PSY and Se7en.

After a day of celebration, fans are now trending the tag #BB5forlife in celebration of Big Bang's fifth anniversary since their debut.

Happy Birthday, G-Dragon and congratulations to Big Bang!

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G-dragon's baby photos posted by his sister:
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Photo with Taeyang's manager:
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Photo taken by a fan in Yeolbong Chicken:
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Source: @jinusean3000, @mskdmsty13, @codeboram, @HuisuYoon, @official_flo, BigbangUpdates and Soompi

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