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FNC Music to change name to FNC Entertainment

Submitted: Feb 20 2012 03:50 PM by Kaye

It seems FNC Music, the label behind popular idol bands FT Island and CNBLUE, will be further concentrating on having their artists be active in various kinds of ways, rather than to have them only in music.

It was revealed that they will be changing their name from FNC Music to FNC Entertainment, as it is now the era in which lots of singers and artists tend to crossover in other divisions such as acting and variety. Representatives mentioned that they feel they'll be left behind if they'd stick to one specialized area only.

At the moment they don't only manage and support musicians, but also have scouted actors such as Park Kwanghyun.

FNC Music is known to have sent out their artists for various drama roles in the past years, having had FT Island's Hongki and CNBLUE's Yonghwa star in "You're Beautiful" in 2009. The drama got them more popularity, and had FNC artists join various projects such as "Acoustic", "Heartstrings", and the upcoming "You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly" with CNBLUE's Minhyuk. Fellow members Jonghyun and Jungshin are likely to be casted in dramas as leading roles as well.

Composer and producer, President Han said, “More and more movie or drama staffs want singers in our company. So we feel that we need to respond to them professionally. So we are re-arranging the portfolio of our company and decided our course as ‘Complex’ entertainment company”.

At the moment FNC Music houses popular idol bands FT Island and CNBLUE, as well as former FT Island member Oh Wonbin, actor and FT Island member Seunghyun's younger brother Song Sehyun, solo singer Juniel and ballad group M Signal.

The namechange will come together with the company's new building inauguration later this year.

Source: cnbluestorm and Daum

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