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f(x)'s Amber is best friends with Dalmatian's Daniel

Submitted: Feb 27 2011 05:22 AM by Lucy

Dalmatian's Daniel recently revealed on Shim Shim Tapa radio that his best friend is f(x)'s rapper, Amber Liu. During the broadcasting, Shindong asked the attending stars to announce their best friends' surnames. Daniel immediately answered "Liu." He later clarified that it was Amber Liu of f(x). His answer surprised Shindong, who didn't recognize Amber's last name. He later explained, "I didn't know it prior to this. She's in the same company as me. Oh, Amber, I'm sorry."

The news doesn't come as a complete surprise to fans. Daniel was born in Los Angeles and later came to Korea at the age of 16 to become a singer. He also attended Korea Kent Foreign School, which is made up of international students, including former students like BoA, f(x)'s Krystal, and SNSD's Tiffany and Jessica. Amber, on the other hand, lived in the nearby Californian county, Orange County. As these two idols are both native English speakers and only a year apart in age, their friendship could be called expected.

Be sure to watch the video below! What do you think of their friendship?

Source: khunnye and Korea

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