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Girls' Generation Yuri shows off her beautiful legs

Submitted: Oct 25 2011 07:40 PM by dingdongbelle

A photoshoot for the issue of Star Style magazine that went on sale on October 20th depicted Yuri's youth and womanly charms.

Her innocent-looking face has a sharp contrast with her glamourous figure, which is outstanding even in the world of idols. In addition, her lack of shorts in the photoshoot emphasizes her long and smooth legs.

The clothes for the shoot are from vintage casual brand G by Guess. It was reported that Yuri looked so perfect in the clothes that the staff and brand representatives were pleasantly surprised.

The photographer in charge praised her, saying: "Her leg-line didn't need any photoshop."

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation's latest single "The Boys" is climbing up fast on various music charts.

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Source: Newsen

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