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Girls' Generation's fansites raise money for nine water wells in Cambodia

Submitted: Aug 04 2012 04:27 AM by slidesandswings

To celebrate Girls' Generation's fifth anniversary, fans joined forces to raise money for World Share, a project focused on bringing support to third world countries. They came together for a well digging project in Cambodia.

While individual fansites often have contribution activities, it is rare for eight separate sites to raise money together. These eight fansites, flying petals, COTTON CANDY, Woorissica, TheStephi, Shining smile, kwonyuri125, deeryoona, and Seople, donated 9,999,999 won to symbolize the nine members of SNSD.

The money gathered for this project will be used to build wells and improve water supplies in Cambodian villages and towns called Takeo, Tram Kak, Ta Phem, and Ta Much. Each of the nine wells will be named after a different member of Girls' Generation. Any remaining funds will be used to buy supplies and vaccinations for the local residents to have and use.

One of the fansites expressed, "I've always wanted to do something great with all of the other fanclubs together, and for SNSD's fifth anniversary on August 5th, 2012, we were able to do just that through the donations. If we have the chance, we want to continue participating in good deeds in the future."

In the mean time, the members of Girls' Generation are focusing on SM Entertainment's upcoming S.M.ART Exhibition this August.

Did you participate in this charity event?

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  • ruthie 0 Points

    SONEs are the best! jjang
    happy 5th soshi

    04 August 2012 - 10:23 AM

  • TwilightBizarre 0 Points

    Sones are really something :)

    04 August 2012 - 10:54 AM

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