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G.NA and Phantom's Sanchez release duet track "Beautiful Days"

Submitted: Dec 13 2012 10:03 AM by ohgelie

G.NA and Phantom's Sanchez has released their duet track "Beautiful Day." On December 12th, G.NA and Sanchez surprised fans by announcing that they will be collaborating on the track and posted "couple photos" on their respective Twitter accounts and released an audio teaser after.

The track was released on various music portals today and features G.NA and Sanchez's perfect harmony. Despite the upbeat melody, the track carries a melancholic vibe, which fitted well with the duo's vocals. "Beautiful Days" will be included in Kim Dohoon's project album titled, "Dokkun Project Pt.2." A music video for the track is expected to be released soon.

Meawhile, fans can also purchase the track on Bugs and Olleh Music.

Source: KpopLovetTown7

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