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Goo Hyesun tweets midnight selca

Submitted: May 13 2012 04:55 AM by dingdongbelle

Actress Goo Hyesun, who matriculated into Sungkyunkwan University last year, recently revealed a selca.

On May 12th she tweeted, "This is Owl Goo Hyesun. I have a lot of homework this week. A crisis... I already drank a beer. Fighting!"

The photo shows her with her bangs pinned up, giving a determined expression.

Netizens commented, "Goo Hyesun is just a college student," "My sentiments," and "It's nice to see you working hard as a student."

Meanwhile, Goo Hyesun was featured on KBS 2TV's "Star Life Theatre" on May 7th, where she stunned commuters by taking the subway.

Source: OSEN

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