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Han Hyojoo and Broccoli You Too to hold special online event on Naver Music

Submitted: Dec 04 2012 04:30 PM by ohgelie

Set to be releasing their new album "1/10" this month, Han Hyojoo and Broccoli You Too are set to hold a special online event through Naver Music.

Han Hyojoo and Broccoli You Too is set to hold a live performance of their track, "Hide and Seek" which was released as a digital single last November 21st. They will also perform new tracks from their new album "1/10."

Despite being busy filming for the movie "Stakeout," Han Hyojoo tries to join the group in any promotional activity, including their upcoming event on Naver Music.

The release of Han Hyojoo and Broccoli You Too's project album "1/10" and online event for Naver Music will take place on December 6th.

Source: StarNNews

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