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Hitmaker composer Taewan (c-luv) signs exclusive contract with D-Business + to release new album next year

Submitted: Nov 29 2012 09:38 PM by Uni

Hitmaker composer Taewan (a.k.a. c-luv) recently signed an exclusive contract with D-Business Entertainment, who houses rookie female group D-Unit.

As a result, Taewan is expected to not only be active as a music producer, but as a singer as well under both D-Business and YNB Entertainment. He has proven to be a very talented R&B producer and composer, previously working with Rain and MBLAQ on their 5th album "Rainism" and debut mini-album "Just Blaq" respectively.

He has also worked with 4minute, Wheesung, Gummy, among others.

It has been reported that Taewan's decision was the result of a close friendship with one of D-Business's main producer, Lee Yonghak (DM), who was previously under YG Entertainment's rap group YMGA with Master Wu. Taewan and DM recently worked together on D-Unit's latest track "Luv Me."

Taewan first became an indie producer, releasing his first solo album in 2006 titled "Love Confession," before turning into a composer. Recently, Taewan released a new song through iTunes on the 23rd called "Midnight Number One Song."

He is set to make his return to the music industry as a singer, releasing a new album after 6 years on February 2013.

Source: Hanguk Kyungjae

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