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Hyunbin and Shin Minah join to create new agency

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 11:00 PM by Uni

Actor Hyunbin and actress Shin Minah have recently formed a new agency together called O& Entertainment, under which they will resume their activities.

During a temporary holiday leave on the 15th, Hyunbin took the time to official sign an exclusive contract with O& Entertainment, officially marking that he will be returning to his activities soon under the newly formed agency.

Both Hyunbin and Shin Minah were formerly signed on to AM Entertainment along with Jang Donggun and Han Jimin. AM Entertainment was recently acquired and merged together under SM C&C. At the time of the official merging, Hyunbin and Shin Minah's contract with AM Entertainment had expired, leaving them as free agents. As a result, the duo decided to form their own agency, along with former AM Entertainment director Kim Okhyun.

Meanwhile, Hyunbin joined the Marine Corps last year in March as part of his military enlistment, and is scheduled to be released next month on the 6th. Prior to departing for his services, Hyunbin starred in the hit SBS drama "Secret Garden," leaving with high popularity.

Source: Sports Seoul

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