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Infinite's "Inspirit" single tracklist + cover album released

Submitted: Mar 10 2011 03:35 AM by Uni

Infinite has recently released their concept photos and "Nothing's Over" music video teaser, and has had fans anticipating their comeback. The group are returning with a fresh look as romantic playboys with their title track "Nothing's Over."

The lyrics and impressive melody of "Nothing's Over" gives off a unique sound to the listener. Fans will be able to listen to Infinite's bright voice, whose vocals will give feeling to the song to further perfect it.

The group's first single will be released on March 17th. Check out the tracklist and cover album below:

01. Nothing's Over (타이틀곡)
02. Shot
03. Can You Smile (Remake)

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Source: Yes24

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  • kaorupanda 183 Points

    Yay! Infinite's songs have not disappointed me yet so far. A remake of "Can U Smile" is bound to be good. "Shot" sounds like it's going to be a cool song too. Just a week left!

    09 March 2011 - 07:43 PM

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