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Infinite's Sungyeol was a troublemaker?

Submitted: May 30 2011 04:05 AM by piggy_x3

Recently, idol group Infinite's Sungyeol was casted in SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping'. In the drama, the idol-turned-actor makes his official acting debut as a model student. This situation contrasts his earlier cameo roles, where he appeared as a troublemaker high school student.

This subject surfaced on an online bulletin board where photos of Sungyeol's past student roles in MBC's weekend drama, "Good Job, Good Job", along with his role in KBS daily drama, "Everybody Cha Cha Cha," were revealed. From the photos, although he looked young, viewers commented that his charisma left a deep impression.

In response to the pictures, netizens showed a variety of reactions and commented, "He was cuter at that time", "Cannot believe Sungyeol played a troublemaker role", and "So he had that kind of past."

Meanwhile, Sungyeol is busy with both Infinite's new song, "Can U Smile" and his appearance on SBS's drama "While You Were Sleeping".

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Source: JTN News

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