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IU introduced as a "national young beauty" in Japan

Submitted: Apr 02 2011 10:00 PM by Karina

Solo singer IU was introduced as a highly popular "national young beauty" on a Japanese broadcast program.

On the March 23rd, during a Japanese broadcast, IU was introduced as a solo singer who debuted during high school and has found success as a solo singer in a music industry full of idols. They noted her various achievements, as she is currently receiving high popularity for her cute style and bright songs, as well as her frequent appearance on variety shows.

She’s gotten to a high level of popularity, as there's no one in Korea who doesn't know her. IU has been touted as the nation’s young beauty and has also been compared with other Japanese teen idol singers and stars. The MC's exclaimed, "She's cute!", upon seeing pictures of IU.

There is a great possibility of IU making it big in the Japanese market since the Japanese masses have a preference for stars with cute yet friendly appearances. She has achieved success with her strong singing ability, thus differentiating herself from other idols. In fact, since earlier on this year, when Japan's entertainment production and record companies were directly refused, apparently more inquiries were made about her entering the Japanese market.

In particular, the recent drama that IU acted in, "Dream High", was broadcasted in Japan since late January, through satellite television on SKY PerfecTV!'s DATV channel. This seems to have increased the public's attention towards IU.

Meanwhile in Korea, IU released "The Story Only I Didn't Know" as a follow-up to "Good Day", and upon completing promotions for this album, she is currently appearing on SBS "Inkigayo" as an MC.

Source: YTN News and WeHeartIU

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