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IU is offered special admission to many universities

Submitted: Sep 23 2011 12:26 AM by Leah

Although IU was recently offered admissions into many different universities, it has been known that she rejected them all.

A representative of IU stated on September 22nd, "Although IU was recently offered admission to many universities, she rejected them all. From before, IU has decided that she is not yet prepared for the university life."

Furthermore, the representative stated, "It's hard to say what her plans for college are as of now because it is an event that's not happening in the near future. Currently, she is focusing on her interests in music and is postponing everything else for this. Therefore, she has no plan of enrollment this year. This is something that she will decide on later when the time is right."

Currently, IU is working hard on her album that is to be released in the middle of October.

In other news, IU had stated on her fancafe in July in response to rumors, "I will attend college when my situation allows me to do so. Right now, it's very hard to do so."

Source: Star News

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  • eCXz 5 Points

    sounds about right
    when you're making millions why stop to lose money?

    22 September 2011 - 07:25 PM

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