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Jaejoong's Taiwan fan meet turns out successful

Submitted: May 24 2012 08:33 AM by Matty

We previously reported that tickets for Jaejoong's May 23rd Taiwan fanmeet were completely sold out within minutes, even causing the ticket server to crash. The fan meet was held yesterday and it was a success.

Eager fans waited for Jaejoong's arrival at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei and gave him a warm welcome.

Jaejoong performed songs from the "Protect the Boss" OST: "For You," "I'll Protect You," and "No Gain." The main reason for the fan meeting was because the drama had become popular overseas.

Check out his arrival and performances below!

Fans welcoming Jaejoong at the airport:

"I'll Protect You"

"No Gain"

"For You"

Source: vicky681009 and bbbghi98

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