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Japanese group NEWS' Yamapi wants to work with TVXQ in the future

Submitted: Dec 22 2010 07:10 PM by Lucy

Tomohisa Yamashita, or Yamapi, from the boy group NEWS hopes to work with all five members of Tohoshinki in the future. The Japanese idol, actor, and singer visited Hong Kong on December 12th for promoting his concert, which will be held next month. He also revealed during a media interview that there will be two more showing days added to his concert.

The friendship between NEWS’ Yamapi and Jaejoong is well-known amongst fans. On April 7th, Japanese actor Mizobata Junpei revealed on a show that he, Jaejoong, and Yamapi were friends. The three of them recently spent a night out drinking. When Lady Gaga held a performance in Tokyo on April 21st to promote the prevention against AIDS/HIV, the two of them attended. They were seen together the whole night.

Later, famous Cantonese singer Ivan Wang blogged that he saw them with Junpei at Lady Gaga’s after party. Just two days later, fans noticed how Yamapi’s Seventeen magazine column included a picture of a necklace that Jaejoong had been wearing earlier in the month. Yamapi wrote, “I like the balance of the star, moon and cross. I wear it a lot lately.”

Would you be interested in seeing Yamapi collaborate with Tohoshinki?

Sources: aramatheydidnt, sharingyoochun and tohosomnia

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  • mayzonglee 7 Points

    Honestly, who wouldn't want to have a collaboration with TVXQ. They have one of the most established names in Asia.

    22 December 2010 - 01:31 PM

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