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JYJ's Jaejoong wins in the 2011 Shorty Awards

Submitted: Mar 29 2011 02:45 AM by Karina

Correction: We previously misreported that Jay Park had won the award as Connecting People at the Shorty Awards. Unfortunately, he was not the winner, but only a finalist. We apologize for the confusion.

The winners of the 2011 Shorty Awards have finally been revealed following weeks of numerous nominations from the worldwide Twitter community. The winners were just announced on March 28th in New York City. One of your favorite Kpop idols have won awards. JYJ’s Jaejoong won in the celebrity category. Other Kpop idols such as Jay Park were close to winning, was announced as a finalist in the Nokia Connecting People category. Super Junior's Heechul was a finalist in the Celebrity category and JYJ's Junsu and Micky were also finalists in the Entertainment category.

Jaejoong faced stiff competition from Justin Bieber, Super Junior's Heechul, and Selena Gomez but nonetheless his fans helped him win the celebrity award.

Jay Park was one of the finalists in Nokia's Connecting People category, and had his biography featured on the website:

Jay Park, also known as Park Jaebum, is a Korean-American singer, rapper, actor, and b-boy from South Korea who lives in Seattle. Park had a cult following as a member of the Korean band 2 PM. In 2009, Park allegedly posted “unfavorable comments” about South Korea on his MySpace page, although fans argue that the comments were misinterpreted. After Park left 2PM and JYP Entertainment, his fans boycotted the band. Park became a solo artist and got involved in charity projects, including an effort to knit hats for newborns. Currently he is an Art of Movement dance member and has two rap singles on iTunes. His fandom is called “J-Effect” and fans are “JWalkers.” Park’s cover of B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You” won an award for Best 2010 Web Video at the Mashable Awards. He uses Twitter to communicate with fans in English and Korean, and inspires fans to volunteer and donate to good causes. Park received more nominations for this award than any other finalist. One voter wrote, “We not only support Mr. Park but also lend out a helping hand in improving the society around each of our communities in attempts to follow in Mr. Park’s footsteps in spreading love and respect, a motto he lives by.”

The winners have been decided after receiving nearly 800,000 tweeted nominations from different parts of the globe, where there are 6 finalists in categories such as innovation, green journalist, actor, actress, art, food, finance, sports, tech and travel.

Source: Shorty Awards

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    hahahhaha Jae's aint short was want i thought of first =P

    29 March 2011 - 06:41 PM

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