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JYP Entertainment denies rumours that Wonder Girls' Sunye is pregnant

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 03:18 PM by ohgelie

Rumours surrounding Wonder Girls' Sunye's pregnancy has been denied.

Earlier today, JYP Entertainment confirmed in a press release that Sunye will be getting married on January 26th, stating that Sunye recently informed the members and the company about her plans. However, due to to the sudden announcement and Sunye's young age, online speculations that she is allegedly pregnant surfaced. JYP Entertainment quickly released their own statement and revealed that the rumours regarding Sunye's alleged pregnancy are untrue.

Sunye will be marrying her longtime boyfriend this January, whom she met last year after a mission in Haiti.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment confirmed that Sunye will be dedicating her time towards her marriage and family life, while the remaining members of Wonder Girls will continue activities in acting, producing and broadcasting.

Source: ENews24

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