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JYP Entertainment denies speculations that Sunmi will rejoin the Wonder Girls

Submitted: Nov 29 2012 08:10 PM by ohgelie

JYP Entertainment denies rumors about Sunmi rejoining the group, Wonder Girls. Earlier today, the agency stated that speculations about Sunmi rejoining the Wonder Girls are not true at all.

The misunderstanding began last November 28th when Sunmi was spotted chatting with the members and fans in their official fan cafe. Sunmi puzzled fans when she left a message saying that she will continue to work hard and hopes to deliver good news to her fans soon.

Speculations about Sunmi rejoining the group increased after Sunye announced her marriage last Tuesday and hinted that she will dedicate her time in her new family life.

JYP Entertainment also added that Sunmi is busy focusing on her studies and training, but denied any possible reunion with the group.

Any thoughts on the latest issue?

Source: Newsen

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