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KARA reveals "On days when we wear revealing clothes, we don't drink even water"

Submitted: Jan 03 2012 05:35 PM by dingdongbelle

KARA recently spoke out on their remarkable willpower. The girls guested at KBS 2FM "Hong Jin Kyung's 2 O'clock" on January 3rd, where they talked about their dieting habits.

Han Seungyeon started off by confessing, "We really love eating." As soon as they were asked if there was ever a time when they couldn't eat even if they wanted to, the girls immediately brought up the topic of revealing clothes.

According to them, while they were promoting their hit song "Mister", which required them to be dressed in crop tops for their performances, they would stay away from even water from the very moment they woke up.

KARA said, "We eat as soon as we're done performing. Once we get off the stage we gulp down water, and eat cake and sushi in the dressing room. We put everything we want in a line and eat it all."

DJ Hong Jinkyung then asked, "Aren't you bothered by the people around?", to which the girls replied, "Well... it's delicious, so we don't care," making everyone burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, leader Gyuri was absent due to her schedule, with the remaining four girls participating in the broadcast.

Source: Newsen

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  • Ria 268 Points

    I believe it. I would do the same thing! These celebrities' bodies are NOT normal, folks. They have to work very, VERY hard to get them, and even harder to maintain them. While we're all bloated & kicked back reading news blogs and eating pizza, they're rehearsing dance steps with a stomach full of NOTHING (well maybe a little rice and kimchi). Hey, more power to them. They're making more money than I am, anyway.

    03 January 2012 - 12:43 PM

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