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Kara vs DSP Media recap

Submitted: Jan 20 2011 12:48 AM by jennyjjong

Kamilia all over the world have gone into chaos when Nicole, Hara, Jiyoung and Seungyeon annouced that they would be leaving DSP Media. DSP Media prepared for the worst by trademarking everything that had to do with the name Kara. Leader Gyuri advised the rest of the members that staying together was for the best, and soon after, Hara canceled her request for withdrawal from the company and rejoined Gyuri.

Their neighbors revealed that the three had been taking out their things bit by bit from their dorm. Some even thought that Kara had moved out because of the amount of things they were moving.

Things have gotten even worse when Landmark, the three members' lawyers, issued a second statement. Landmark said, "The most heartbreaking thing is the loss of trust in the agency. In March of 2010, DSP Media's head management changed. Because the new management did not have enough professional knowledge for the job, proper management was not given to the members of KARA. The new management did not establish a trust relationship with the members."

"The members of KARA were tricked into signing an exclusive agreement for their Japanese promotions. The members were told that it was a registration form for artists in Japan. The parents and members were not aware that it was an exclusive agreement when they signed the form, written in Japanese instead of Korean. The members asked for a copy of the form after signing it, however, a DSP Media employee refused to provide it and stated that the form was not to leave the company."

"KARA's Japanese activities were managed by DSP Japan. However, the CEO of the original company and DSP Japan (wife of Lee Ho Yeon) are basically the same person. Furthermore, the company deducted some of the money for DSP Japan, and the members were paid with the amount left over. Through a formal deal, KARA was taxed twice before getting their share, making their rights violated from their DSP contract."

"Furthermore, the online shopping mall, Karaya, is owned by the DSP executive and the managerial positions are held by his family members. Three of KARA's members, Gyuri, Hara, and Jiyoung, model for the clothing brand. While modeling, they were forced to wear inappropriate clothing items, such as those that displayed, "BEST F*CKIN FIVE", despite Jiyoung still being a minor. This caused protests."

Some now think that the conflict was brought on by Nicole's mother because DSP Media has said, "There is a lot of misunderstanding and error about what Nicole's mother is claiming about the distribution of profit. The distribution is actually in the Kara members' favor, and unlike what she is claiming, we have distributed the money as soon as we obtained profit." So many fans are wondering if this is not a battle of the members and the company, but the members' parents and the company.

Nicole's mother has also tweeted, "No parent would gamble their child's life for money. No parent will break down the glory of their child's hard work just for money. Our children have sweated blood looking just at this dream. There is a truth to why we had to pick this choice even considering all of the hard work... I know there are mountains that we have to cross. I chose this way knowing that because I love my daughters... I'm going to show the truth as it is. I'm going to tell it the way it is. I'm not going to break down to lies."

The three's request for exit causes complications in their activities. While DSP Media has confirmed that leader Gyuri will still be a DJ at Shim Shim Ta Pa, Nicole may not be able to attend her regular filming of Heroes. The PD of the show has said that he has not contacted DSP about the problem, but if Nicole cannot film, then he has about four weeks' worth of leeway. He has expressed that he hopes the conflict will be solved soon, a hope that all Kamilia share.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

Source: No Cut News, Joins, E Daily, Nate and @preshi619

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  • tvxqkawaii 14 Points

    I'm staying outta this one. DBSK is hard enough to deal with.

    19 January 2011 - 04:58 PM

  • grimmy 4 Points

    I support the members of Kara no matter WHAT!

    19 January 2011 - 05:24 PM

  • Kitsune 272 Points

    i smell another JYJ fest. JNH? -___-..

    19 January 2011 - 05:32 PM

  • boalohanuiloa 60 Points

    sounds very complicated. it's nice to hear that the girls are sticking together tho. Gyuri is a good leader. Best of luck to them.

    31 January 2011 - 06:33 PM

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