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KARA's Goo Hara posts comic selca

Submitted: Mar 04 2013 04:40 PM by dingdongbelle

On March 1st, Goo Hara updated her fans through Twitter. She tweeted, "Idiot Haragu is here to make a drowsy afternoon interesting!"

Photos of herself accompanied her tweet. In them, she can be seen without makeup and wearing a pair of round-framed spectacles. She is smiling brightly at the camera.

Netizens who viewed the photos commented, "Goo Hara is cute," "She has destroyed herself," "Looks like a younger version of her," "That cheered me up," "She called herself 'Idiot Haragu'," "So adorable," and "My god".

Goo Hara and her fellow KARA members will be promoting in Japan in the coming months. KARA is set to release "Bye Bye Happy Days" on March 27th in Japan. The cover pictures for the single were revealed earlier this week.

Source: TV Report and Karaweb Japan

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