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Kim Sunghee reveals her wedding photos

Submitted: May 02 2011 01:20 AM by Uni

Former KARA member Kim Sunghee has revealed her wedding photos. Kim Sunghee (22) will be getting married on May 22nd at Paju, Gyeonggido. She will be married to Yang Wonjoon (31), the eldest son of the voice actor Yang Jiwoon.

Kim Sunghee and Yang Wonjoon have overcome the 9 year age difference. The two met two years ago at a church event and have grown closer through the musical they have participated in. They have had a close relationship for a year.

Ahead of her official wedding, Kim Sunghee updated her Cyworld with her wedding photos saying, "A man and a woman have become one family," expressing her joy about her upcoming wedding.

The wedding photos were conducted by Greeda Studio. The representative of Greeda Studio said, "They are such a happy and beautiful couple. You can truly feel the love between the two."

Kim Sunghee was one of the original members of KARA and made her debut with them in 2007. Due to personal reason and parental pressure due to her studies, Kim Sunghee withdrew from the group and Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung were introduced to KARA.

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Source: Newsen

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