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Kim Taehee's commercial event in Japan cancelled due to criticisms online

Submitted: Feb 22 2012 10:05 PM by ohgelie

Despite the popularity of the Korean Wave in Japan, Korean actress Kim Taehee had to cancel a promotional event due to hateful comments from local netizens. Kim Taehee was originally scheduled to attend a commercial event in Tokyo, Japan, but cancelled due to the hate received from the netizens.

The cancellation happened the very day before Kim Taehee was scheduled to perform in a commercial presentation for Rohto Pharmaceutical. Japanese newspaper Sponichi further revealed that the hateful comments from netizens also generated negative images for the product's possible promotion. The article reported that Japanese netizens continued their online attack against the actress, along with the company who selected her as a representative.

Previously, Kim Taehee appeared in the Japanese drama "Me and My Star's 99 Days," but received online hate and criticisms as she is an advocate on the fight for Dokdo Island as Korean territory. Last October 2011, Japanese netizens organized an anti-Korean protest in the country and voiced out their hate for the actress.

In 2005, Kim Taehee participated in the "Love Dokdo" campaign with actor Lee Wan, and was praised by Korean netizens for such advocacy.

Source: Korea Times

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