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Lee Junki's agency denies Yoo Riah dating rumors

Submitted: Feb 13 2012 10:35 PM by Yaejin

It was recently rumored by Korean press websites that Lee Junki, who is soon to finish his 2 year mandatory army service in Korea, was in a relationship with new actress Yoo Riah.

In a conversation with TV Report on February 11th, a representative from Lee Junki's agency stated that "It's true that Lee Junki met Yoo Riah at a salon he regularly goes to but with Yoo Riah soon to become an actress, Lee Junki was simply giving some advice about acting." The representative also stated that "Lee Junki was merely encouraging and forming a good Sunbae - Hoobae relationship with Yoo Riah"

Yoo Riah's agency also spoke up by claiming that "The dating rumors are false. It's absurd"

With Lee Junki scheduled to finish his mandatory military service to the Korean Army on February 16th, the rumors have been gathering a lot of attention from the public.

Are you glad Lee Junki is still single? Are you excited for his return to the industry soon?

Source: TVReport

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