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Lee Minho and Park Minyoung's agencies confirm breakup

Submitted: Jan 25 2012 07:05 PM by orchid

Following growing rumors, the agencies of actors Lee Minho and Park Minyoung have confirmed that the one-time couple has split after six months. The pair starred together in the popular SBS drama "City Hunter" and announced their relationship in late August 2011, shortly after the drama's conclusion.

Lee Minho's agency, Starhaus, said in a statement, "Lee Minho and Park Minyoung have returned from a romantic relationship to being good friends." The two had little time together following the end of "City Hunter", they explained, as Lee had overseas activities and Park began filming for her next project, "Man of Honor". Because the two had such busy schedules, they often couldn't meet and "it seems their relationship naturally grew distant".

Park's agency also confirmed the breakup, stating, "The breakup between the two is true", but they "have remained good colleagues".

Sources: Seoul News, AJ News, soompi

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