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Lee Minho involved in plastic surgery rumours

Submitted: Aug 27 2011 06:11 AM by ohgelie

Lee Minho continues to be one of the most talked about Korean actors this week after a photo proving his attendance in a plastic surgery hospital was uploaded online. The photo led to netizens to think that he may have gotten plastic surgery years back.

The photo uploaded online was taken last 2007 in a plastic surgery hospital along with two surgeons beside him. Netizens who have seen the photo immediately made random speculations by leaving comments such as, "Which part is plastic?", "He was good looking in the past too," and "All stars touch up here and there."

Caught between the rumors, a source close to Lee Minho sent in an explanation for the photo. On the 25th of August, the source was quoted saying, "This picture has been around the net for a while since the past so it has no reason to become such an issue now. It's not like every one who comes out of a plastic surgery hospital has to get plastic surgery. He went to the hospital with some friends and took a picture at the doctors' request. No one knew this picture would become such a big deal. I am worried he might be hurt from all this."

Meanwhile, Lee Minho's agency expressed their disappointment for these kind of rumours and reports that has gone widespread. Just recently, Lee Minho is recovering from the media hype after his relationship with fellow actress Park Minyoung was officially confirmed to the public.

Here is Lee Minho's photo from 2007 below:

Posted Image

Source: Star News,ENews24 and Hancinema (1),(2)

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  • jean22s 192 Points

    I will never believe a news like this; "Lee Minho had plastic surgery"
    Never! He doesn't look fake AT ALL. well to me that is

    27 August 2011 - 12:10 AM

  • ElizaBen 1 Points

    He's had the bump off his nose removed a few years ago. It's SO OBVIOUS when you look at his earlier work/film. There are a lot of male stars who have their noses done. It's so common nowadays in Korea.

    27 August 2011 - 05:42 PM

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