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Lee Siyoung takes it upon herself to be Tiny-G's manager

Submitted: May 02 2012 07:22 AM by dingdongbelle

On the April 28th episode of MBC's "Music and Lyrics," Lee Siyoung took it upon herself to be rookie group Tiny-G's manager, as well as their hair, make-up, and clothing stylist.

The episode saw her looking up Tiny-G at a hair salon, where she discussed their styling with a designer after carefully inspecting their individual characteristics. Lee Siyoung demonstrated her meticulous nature when she later visited the stylist's dressing room to check on the clothes available.

After seeing the transformed Tiny-G, she said in admiration, "You guys really became pretty," smiling in an almost motherly way.

Meanwhile, Tiny-G performed their debut stage on MBC's "Show Champion" on April 24th.

Source: My Daily

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