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Mnet's "20's Choice Awards" opens voting

Submitted: Jun 10 2012 10:19 PM by fiveseven_

Mnet's annual summer awards, the "20's Choice Awards", has opened its voting!

Categories for the awards range from best drama and film actors and actresses to sports stars, variety stars, and of course, to the trendiest and fastest up and coming musicians. In total, there are seventeen categories.

Although voting is open to fans all around the world, votes will only be recorded after the voter has logged in either through Twitter, Facebook, or Mnet.com. Voters must also cast a vote in each category. Voting ends on Wednesday, June 27 at midnight KST, and fans are allowed to vote once a day through their login ID.

The 2012 Mnet "20's Choice Awards" will be held on Thursday, June 28th at the Banyan Tree in Seoul from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M., with the blue carpet opening at 5 P.M. In addition to being televised on Mnet, KM, tvN, Onstyle, Mnet Japan, and Mnet USA, the event will be streamed online via Mnet.com, global.mnet.com, Yahoo.com, as well as YouTube.

The winners of the "20's Choice Awards" will be chosen based on the following criteria:

- 50% Online Votes
- 30% 20's Research Result
- 20% Special Judge

Check out the list of nominees below, and be sure to head over to the Mnet "20's Choice Awards" voting portal to cast your votes!

"20’s Drama Star (Male)"

  • Kim Soohyun
  • Song Joongki
  • Uhm Taewoong
  • Lee Seunggi
  • Joo Won

"20's Drama Star (Female)"

  • Shin Sekyung
  • Yoona (Girls' Generation)
  • Jung Ryeowon
  • Ha Jiwon
  • Han Jimin

"20’s Movie Star (Male)"

  • Ryu Seungryong
  • Park Haeil
  • Yoo Ahin
  • Lee Jehun
  • Ha Jungwoo

"20's Movie Star (Female)"

  • Gong Hyojin
  • Kim Goeun
  • Kim Minhee
  • Suzy (miss A)
  • Im Soojung

"20's Trendy Music"

  • Big Bang
  • Taetiseo
  • FT Island
  • miss A

"20's Online Music"

  • Leessang
  • Busker Busker
  • Se7en
  • IU
  • T-ara

"20's Performance"

  • SHINee
  • Shinhwa
  • Ulala Session
  • Troublemaker (HyunA & Hyunseung)

"20's Band Music"

"20's Sports Stars"

  • Kang Jungho
  • Goo Jacheol
  • Park Chanho
  • Son Yeonjae
  • Jung Chansung

"20's Variety Star"

  • Gary ("Running Man")
  • Kyuhyun ("Radio Star")
  • Kim Joonho ("Happy Together" & "Taxi")
  • Leeteuk ("Strong Heart")
  • Han Hyejin ("Healing Camp")

"20's Gag Character"

  • "Game Holic"
  • "Emergency Preparedness Committee"
  • "Americano"
  • "Yanggoon Agency"
  • "Brave Boys"

"20's Style"

  • Goo Joonhee
  • Sooyoung (Girls' Generation)
  • Yoo Ahin
  • Jang Yoonhoo
  • G-Dragon (Big Bang)

"20's Global Star"

  • Kim Hyunjoong (SS501)
  • Girls' Generation
  • Super Junior
  • Jang Geunsuk

"20's Blooming Star"

  • Ailee
  • Lee Jongsuk
  • Jo Jong Suk
  • Im Siwan (ZE:A)
  • Jo Jongseok

"Upcoming 20's"

  • Kang Seungyoon
  • Kang Jiyoung (Kara)
  • Kim Yoojung
  • Sulli (f(x))
  • Yeo Jingu

"20's Social Artist"

  • Kim Janghoon
  • Park Jinhee
  • Lee Hyori
  • Cha Inpyo
  • Choi Siwon (Super Junior)

"20's Click" (for web comic/cartoon)

  • "Your Girlfriend Is Ugly"
  • "The Sound of the Heart"
  • "Reverse! Weird Cooking"
  • "Who’s On First"
  • "Fashion King"

Source: 20s Choice

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  • WithlovefromX 3 Points

    I hope SHINee wins for the performance category! Each live stage of Sherlock had me captivated, even though I don't really like the song itself. :)

    11 June 2012 - 05:07 AM

  • ur_blue_heart 0 Points

    ahh!! i hope so too :D

    26 June 2012 - 07:03 PM

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