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New generation kpop artists dubbed "singer-songwriter idols"

Submitted: Aug 21 2011 04:00 PM by Kaye

Recently, photos of Big Bang member G-Dragon, rapper Bang Yongguk, CNBLUE's leader Yonghwa, as well as BEAST's Yong Junhyung, were posted on a portal site with the title "singer-songwriter idols". Netizens jokingly mentioned the same Korean word in their names, "Yong", wasn't a coincidence.

Netizens commented on how all of them are competent singers and/or rappers, who are also able to compose their own music. G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) is known for producing and composing lots of Big Bang songs as well as his own album. More recently G-Dragon was featured in creating a song for the "Infinity Challenge" song festival.

Jung Yonghwa, vocalist and guitarist in CNBLUE, also managed to compose quite a few songs for his band. Though most of these songs were released in Japan, his talents were made clear through various releases of these songs.

Rookie artist Bang Yongguk was already known to have written his own rap for Song Jieun's solo song, "Going Crazy". Recently, with his solo debut featuring BEAST's Yoseob, it was also revealed that the young artist participated in the creating and writing process of the song together with group One Way.

BEAST's rapper, Yong Junhyung, was also mentioned as he composed multiple tracks for his group, and started writing his raps since debut. Writing under the name Joker, Junhyung also participated in the creation of one of Jang Woohyuk's newest songs "Time is [L]Over" together with Shinsadong Tiger.

Even though only these artists were mentioned in the original post, Kpop features more singer-songwriters than just these guys and the amount of them is rising with every debut. Rookies Block B are well-known for writing, producing and composing their own music, as well as B1A4 has its members participate in many different ways. Members Jinyoung and Baro recently took part in a composing session with One Way's Chance.

It seems the new generation of Kpop artists is slowly growing to be artists in every way possible, even creating their own flavor and style in music, aside from performing songs that other people created for them.

What are your thoughts of the new breed of idols who engage in songwriting? In the original article, are you intrigued on how the tag "Yong" seems to be present in all four mentioned artists?

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Source: Danmee, Onewaychance

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