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One Way's Youngsky and Peter hint at Super Junior's comeback?

Submitted: Apr 17 2012 05:10 AM by ohgelie

One Way's Youngsky and Peter hyped Super Junior's fans today after revealing that they are in the process of recording a new track for the group.

On April 16th, the two members updated their respective Twitter accounts and revealed that they are preparing a new dance track for Super Junior and teased fans that they hope to release it by summer.

Peter left hints saying, "Sky and I are gonna bust a new party anthem for SJ today~ they better be up for what's ahead of them~^^" and "In perfect time for summer~ this will be playing all thru summer~ (we hope)^^" among many others.

The update caught the attention of Super Junior's fans on Twitter, sparking discussions of the possibility that the group is preparing for a comeback.

What do you think of Youngsky and Peter's updates?

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Source: @onewayyoungsky and @onewaypeter

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