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Park Gyuri and Eunjung: the bullied girl group leaders?

Submitted: Jan 22 2011 07:35 AM by junchan

Girl group KARA has been making headlines these days for their disagreement with their company DSP Media. However, leader Park Gyuri did not join the other members and claimed she did not even know the other girls had filed a complaint against their company. Because of this, rumors and speculation of bullying in girl groups have become a hot topic.

Since the beginning, Gyuri did not participate in the complaint against DSP media. Netizens are speculating that Gyuri was an "outcast leader" and was being bullied by the "natural leader" Seungyeon, but these claims have generally been refuted.

Netizens have linked this incident to T-ara's former leader, Eunjung, possibly being bullied. T-ara released a new album late last year and also added a new member, Ryu Hwayoung. The group leader was also changed from Eunjung to Boram.

Eunjung said in an interview with Newsen, "We thought there wasn't a group that is as close as we are. When these member controversies and bullying rumors started spreading around, we all just said 'huh?' and laughed about it."

Eunjung dismissed the bullying rumors by stating, "it was the first time we heard of leaders being changed in a Korean idol group. The act of members rotating to become the leader is just intended demonstrate every members' good traits to fans and to develop us. That's the only reason we will switch from leader to leader, so don't be concerned. It's even possible that maknae Jiyeon will become the leader"

Do you think that Eunjung and Gyuri were bullied? Or do you think netizens are over analyzing the situation?

Source: Tiaradiadem and Nate

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  • umei 8 Points

    I think that everyone is over analyzing this situation.

    21 January 2011 - 11:38 PM

  • c0tton 95 Points

    it seems weird to think that gyuri can be bullied haha

    21 January 2011 - 11:39 PM

  • xoranaa 1 Points

    Gyuri is obviously not being bullied. KARA members are close, that's why they talk & decide everything together, not only the leader who rules everything. & I think the members didn't tell her about it because they don't want to make her feel bad or anything. I even heard that Hara & Seungyeon didn't even know they filled contract terminations. It was all their parents?

    21 January 2011 - 11:49 PM

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