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PSY secretly returned to South Korea for a short break

Submitted: Nov 26 2012 04:02 AM by Uni

It has been revealed that PSY recently returned back to his home country, doing so in secrecy.

On November 26th, it was revealed that PSY flew back to South Korea and is currently taking a short rest from his overseas tour, and will be going to the hospital for a health screening.

Reports show that PSY secretly flew into the country on the 23rd. PSY's agency, YG Entertainment, said that he was spending his time with his family and following his own personal schedule. Because he wanted to go about it quietly, his break was not announced to the public.

PSY is expected to leave for Thailand on the 27th, and will be performing at the Thai King's large scale-event celebrating his 85th birthday on the 28th. He will then fly to Hong Kong on the 30th to attend the "2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards."

Source: News Pim

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