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Seven-year-old organ transplant patient meets Lee Seunggi

Submitted: Mar 05 2012 02:16 AM by dingdongbelle

At the young age of seven, Cho Eunseo has already been through a major organ transplant surgery.

She was born with congenital enterostenosis, which meant that she could not digest food properly after eating. Last October, she underwent a total of seven organ transplants, receiving amongst others, a new liver, small intestine, pancreas, stomach, and large intestine from a brain-dead patient of a similar age.

At that time, she mentioned in a media interview that her wish was "to meet Lee Seunggi oppa". The news eventually made its way to singer Lee Seunggi, who paid a visit to her at the Asan Hospital.

His visit was made known to the public when a doctor at the hospital tweeted it on February 28th.

The doctor said, "Lee Seunggi chatted with her, hugged her, and gave her an armful of presents, leaving Eunseo with good memories. I gave her sneakers so she can get better quickly and run around with her friends. Everyone please give her your support too~."

A representative from Hook Entertainment, Lee Seunggi's agency, stated on March 4th, "Lee Seunggi heard about Cho Eunseo and readily paid her a visit at Asan Hospital. He hopes that she can get through her surgeries well and grow up healthily."

Source: Star News

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