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SM Entertainment releases a statement towards f(x)'s Victoria's controversial Weibo post

Submitted: Feb 25 2013 12:40 PM by ohgelie

SM Entertainment has released a statement regarding f(x)'s Victoria's controversial post on Weibo, which allegedly features TVXQ's Changmin. Victoria, who is active on China's version of Twitter, Weibo, recently caused dating speculations after posting a photo of her meal.

The update merely featured a photo of Victoria's home-cooked meal. However, fans managed to zoom on the photo and captured TVXQ's Changmin's reflection on the spoon, leading fans to speculate if the two are dating. Since then, Victoria deleted the alleged photo on Weibo and replaced a different version, without the spoon.

In a statement, SM Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed Changmin merely featured on the photo, but also revealed that the two were not alone when it was taken. The team's performance director Shim Jaewon and other staff members were also present at the time. The agency gave no response as to why Victoria deleted the first photo after the backlash.

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Source: WStarNews

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