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SMASH's Nam Hyunjoon revealed to have ruptured ligament after recent accident

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 03:55 PM by Uni

Leader of 5-member dance male group SMASH, Nam Hyunjoon, has ruptured a ligament in his right ankle following an involvement in a car accident last month. Despite his injury, Nam Hyunjoon insisted on continuing activities for SMASH's 2nd mini-album, which was released on November 8th, in order to no longer keep fans waiting.

An agency official at TN Entertainment said on the 27th, "In the middle of last month, Nam Hyunjoon was returning home late after practicing the choreography with the members prior to their comeback, when he was involved in a car accident at a crosswalk due to a passenger vehicle failed to comply with the pedestrian crosswalk signals."

According to the agency, Nam Hyunjoon did not believe he had any injury and had continued home. Unfortunately, the singer felt pain when he woke up the next day, which warranted in his hospitalization, where he was diagnosed with a ruptured ligament in his right ankle.

Due to the seriousness of his injury, Nam Hyunjoon needed to be hospitalized in order to receive surgery. But because SMASH's comeback was just around the corner, the leader instead decided to receive painkillers in order to shoot the music video and continue with album promotions.

The official continues, "The hospital said that Nam Hyunjoon needed at least 2 months of care, and that the album release would need to be pushed back until next year, but he showed a strong commitment to continue. He is pushing on with his schedule with care to his body to avoid further injuries."

On November 25th, Nam Hyunjoon participated in the fan signing event in Gangnam, Seoul. There, he reassured fans about his leg, saying, "I had no idea fans were so worried my leg, I'm sorry. During my spare time when I don't have anything schedule, I visit the hospital to receive physical therapy, please don't worry."

Meanwhile, SMASH has been busy promoting their 2nd mini-album in Korea, and is set to visit Japan for their concert tour between December 3rd and 5th, where they will visit Tokyo and Nagoya.

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