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SMTOWN LIVE in Paris concert is in full swing [Day 1]!

Submitted: Jun 10 2011 07:10 PM by Sumi

Today, SMTOWN Live 2011 has the first day of their two-day concert in Paris, France. The artists who are performing are TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x).

SMTOWN uploaded a video of the audience. Look at this turn out! Also, check out SMTOWN's official Facebook for photos! Don't forget to like!

Posted Image

Posted Image
HEECHUL! Do you know LADY希希~? :D [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
SEOHYUN & YURI & YOONA! Watching fellow artist's stage~! Very serious~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
MAX! Searching FACEBOOK SMTOWN page? Who knows~ [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
U-KNOW! Right before performing first stage~! Go! U-KNOW! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
DONGHAE! Try to be calm~ Watching fellow artist's stage~ Again, very charming! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
DONGHAE! Try to be calm~ "V" pose! Very charming! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
SUPERJUNIOR's stage clothes~!

Posted Image
SHINee's stage clothes~!

Posted Image
HYOYEON! Sweet~ Lovely~ girl~! Waiting for GIRLS' GENERATION's turn [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
SULLI! f(x) waiting room! SULLI is witing for her turn~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
MINHO! Explosion of charisma!!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
AMBER! Surprised at the camera~! lol~ :D [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
AMBER & SUNGMIN & LUNA! Gathered at the concert lounge~ [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
KYUHYUN! Watching fellow artist's stage~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Posted Image
TAEMIN! Choosing clothes for the stage~ He looks happy to meet France fans~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

The setlist is as follows. We've added fancams for the songs, and will continue to update with better quality videos as they are uploaded.

SM Artists - Opening Song (fancam)

f(x) - LA chA tA (official SMTOWN upload)

Krystal and Jessica - Tik Tok (fancam)

f(x) - Chu <3 (fancam)

SHINee - Stand By Me (BOF OST) (fancam)

SHINee - Replay (official SMTOWN upload)

SHINee - Noona Neomu Yeppeo

SHINee - Get Down (fancam)

SHINee - Juliette (fancam)

Super Junior K.R.Y - Sorry Sorry (Answer) (fancam)

Super Junior (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk) - Single Ladies (fancam) and Heechul - Poker Face (fancam)

Seohyun, Kyuhyun - Way Back Into Love (fancam)

Eunhyuk, Shindong, Key, Minho - A Yo

SNSD - Run Devil Run (fancam)

SNSD - Kissing You (fancam)

SNSD - Way to Go (fancam)

SNSD - My child (fancam)

Super Junior - Super Girl (fancam)

Super Junior - No Other (fancam available on yfrog)


Super Junior - Miracle

Super Junior - Dancing Out

SNSD - Genie (official SMTOWN upload)

f(x) - Nu ABO (fancam)

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong (fancam)

Super Junior - SORRY SORRY (fancam)

Super Junior - Don't Don (Heechul rap version) (official SMTOWN upload)

f(x) - Gangsta Boy

SHINee - Hello (fancam)

SHINee - Ready or Not (fancam)

SHINee - Ah.Mi.Go (rock version)

SNSD - Hoot (fancam available on TwitVid)

SNSD - Oh! (fancam available on TwitVid)

*Dance battle feat. Eunhyuk, Taemin, Luna, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Donghae, Victoria, Minho, Shindong dancing to Michael Jackson songs* (fancam available on TwitVid)

TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down

TVXQ - The Way U Are/Mirotic medley

TVXQ - Maximum

TVXQ - Before U Go (official SMTOWN upload)

Super Junior - Bonamana

Super Junior - A Man In Love

SHINee - Lucifer (fancam)

f(x) - Pinocchio (Danger) (fancam)

SNSD - Gee (fancam)

Super Junior - U

TVXQ - Rising Sun (fancam)

SM Artists - SORRY SORRY (fancam)

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