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Super Junior's Japanese "Bonamana" single is not the group's official Japanese debut

Submitted: May 03 2011 05:00 AM by junchan

ELFs get ready for Super Junior's Japanese invasion! After debuting in 2005, Super Junior will finally release their first Japanese single with their hit song, "Bonamana."

A representative of SM Entertainment stated, "Super Junior will be releasing their first Japanese single "Bonamana." Starting in May, the song will be shown on major Japanese TV channels as the commercial song for Japanese convenience store chain Circle K Sunkus."

"Bonamana" is already a hit all over Asia, previously topping Taiwan music charts for an impressive 34 weeks.

In March, Super Junior signed on with Avex to manage their Japanese activities and expansion into the Japanese market. Even though they did not officially debut in Japan, Super Junior held 3 concerts at Yokohama Arena in February.

However, there is more to anticipate as the release of the Japanese "Bonamana" single is not an official Japanese debut for Super Junior. The SM representative continued, “even though they will be releasing a single in Japanese, they will not be doing any promotional activity in the country. Their official debut will occur at a later time.”

Source: Sports Khan and Sapphire Pearls

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