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T-ara's eighth member, Areum, revealed!

Submitted: Jun 12 2012 09:50 AM by you_keys

Seven member girl group T-ara finally unveiled their new soon-to-be 8th member. On the 12th, StarNews exclusively revealed self-taken pictures of the new member, Areum, who had been kept a secret up until today.

Looking innocent in her school uniform, the Hanlim Arts High School student, impressed netizens with her “attractive large eyes and pale, clear skin.”

Currently 19 years old, it is reported that Areum has a deep passion for music. Set to join T-ara in July for their new album release, the public is brimming with great anticipation for her first official appearance as a T-ara member at the inauguration of their fanclub, “QUEEN’s,” taking place on July 14th at Seoul’s Kyunghee Univerity’s Peace Hall. Additionally, T-ara will be holding their first live, solo concert on July 8th, at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, three years after their debut.

Previously, T-ara’s ninth member, Dani, was revealed. Boasting a height of 167cm at the age of 14, she has already gained the praise of many for her good looks, even receiving offers to do cosmetic advertisements. She is to join T-ara before the end of this year.

T-ara’s agency is planning to release Areum’s official photoshoot on the 14th.

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  • dephmoose 1 Points

    wow, almost looks like a young hyomin heh. Can't wait for T-ara comeback!

    12 June 2012 - 05:55 AM

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