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Teen Top to launch official fanclub in May

Submitted: Mar 20 2012 02:00 AM by ohgelie

Teen Top is set to hold their first official fan club launch within two months. The announcement was confirmed through their official homepage today.

In the said update, it was revealed that the group will meet up with ANGELs, the official name for their fans, at an event titled "ANGEL First Stage Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony." The event is scheduled for the 28th of May, with a venue yet to be announced.

On March 11th, Teen Top also held their first fan meeting in Taiwan and managed to attract hundreds of their local fans.

Teen Top made their debut in the music scene back in 2010 with their single "Come Into The World" and promoted their debut track "Clap." They have also promoted tracks such as "Supa Luv", "No More Perfume On You", and "Crazy."

Are you looking forward to their official fanclub launch?

Source: 10Asiae

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