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Win Win's producer defends JYP on comments made during show

Submitted: Dec 10 2010 06:45 AM by jennyjjong

Previously, we had reported JYP was the center of controversy because of his comments on Win Win. However, the producer of Win Win has come forward to defend JYP. He explained, "JYP tried to be very considerate to Jay Park. It was very general and there was no detail. All JYP said was that Jay Park's leaving was inevitable."

He also asked fans to understand the whole thing after the edits were processed. He also added that he did not understand why SidusHQ's CEO had put up curses on his Twitter, and said that he did not believe it had anything to do with the Win Win incident.

This is the first actual case of what was said on the show. Do you think this is the truth, and that fans blew the ordeal up out of proportion?

Source: Newsen

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