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WM Entertainment reveals official website and twitter account

Submitted: Oct 05 2011 06:20 PM by Kaye

WM Entertainment, the company behind rookie boy group B1A4, revealed their own personal website as well as twitter account earlier today. With this release, two other artists on the young label were revealed: rapper H-Eugene, who has previously been featured on many different releases, and ex-Babyvox Re.V member An Jinkyoung, who had her solo debut with "Bad Person," featuring MBLAQ's Mir, in February last year.

At the moment, the website provides the public with more information about the company and its artists, as well as the current releases of their artists. Press and people who want to audition can also find more information surrounding both subjects.

WM Entertainment is also set on opening an online store later on, which will include merchandise as well as the releases of their artists.

The entertainment company can now be found on twitter and well as the company's website over here.

Source: WMEnt

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  • chanseobie 25 Points

    Oh that's so cute! I love how it's neat and minimal!

    05 October 2011 - 11:09 AM

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