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Wonder Girls' Sunye updates fans through recent fan cafe message

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 11:55 PM by ohgelie

Wonder Girls' Sunye expressed her feelings towards her wedding announcement. On November 27th, Sunye left a long message on their official fancafe and personally updated her fans on her plans.

On a post titled "A Letter For You," Sunye filled the message with her feelings and continued to reflect on her memories for the past six 6 years with Wonder Girls and their fans and further explained the nature of her decision. By the end of her message, she thanked her agency, JYP Entertainment and her group members for trusting and supporting her.

JYP Entertainment confirmed today that Sunye will be getting married to her longterm boyfriend on January 26th. They also stated that while Sunye focuses on her marriage and family life, the remaining members of the grip will dedicate their time towards acting, producing and broadcasting activities. Rumours surrounding Sunye's shotgun marriage and allegedly pregnancy were also denied.

What do you think of her message?

Hello, It’s Sunye!

Already the last month of 2012 is coming.
I have been working in the music industry under the name Wonder Girls for the past six year and if I bring up all the numerous memories I’ve had from the start till now, it would rush past like a film and each passing scene would show my own sensibilities. Haha. Even so, the emotion that fills my heart the most is ‘Gratitude’.
I had a pretty long training period, but in spite of this, I was not yet mature, but was given the responsibility of being the leader of a group and when we debuted, I thought it was a miracle.
In the following two years, through the songs “Tell Me”, “So Hot” and “Nobody”, we received the love and interest of many people. The word “Success” was used by people around me and I too came to use it. It was like there was no time to look back and we kept running forwards. In order to do the work I love! And follow my dreams…my heart was racing.
And like this, time has flowed and flowed and it has already become 6 years since the Wonder Girls became singers.
In our second year we started real overseas activities and through that my small mind has been expanded and there is nothing that I can compare with those experiences and feelings. It sounds a bit silly, but I came to be aware in my heart of this feeling ‘It is a miracle to be alive’.

When I look back on that time, I have a deep thanks for the members that are standing beside me. I have nothing more to say except for that that I am so thankful for the Wonderfuls who have loved and supported us, which I can’t find the words to express how thankful I am. Even if there are people who get tired of hearing those things…haha.
In reality these days there are not only Wonderfuls in Korea, but abroad too and when I think about it, there are lots of people lots of people whose faces I’ve never seen. I’ve never personally seen your faces, or met you, but the fact that you give and receive such great and good energy with us is a “wonder”. So, I want to tell you now that I am extremely grateful.
Today has been the first time I’ve been like this in a long time…truthfully as I type each letter it becomes harder to hide how nervous I am…haha
I’m not even the type to get nervous on stage…But now, at this time…I’m shaking a little. Normally there isn’t a special reason for me writing a message, but today there is a very special reason.
I wanted to personally be the first to tell all of you who I am thankful for and I can’t see, but are close to me, rather than you hearing from another person. In regards to this sections, it is difficult to give you the details, so I will only say the important parts!

The 26th of January 2013 has become a very important day in my life. Two people will become one and promise to walk the road of life together for a lifetime in marriage.
There are some people who say ‘It’s too fast’, but I ask of you to trust my decision and give me your blessings. Even though it is small, I wanted to be the first to tell you.
Please don’t be sad! For you who have been together with me in joy, laughter, sadness and tears, on the 26th of January wherever you are, if you and I shared hearts I would be happy. And when making this decision, having discusses and considered and given me your trust-- to the Wonder Girls members and company family, I give my heartfelt thanks.
I hope that everyone has a good end to the year and a good start to the year in this precious time. I sincerely thank you. Thank You.

Wonder Girls, Sunye.

Source: TVDaily

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