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Wonder Girls' Yeeun, 2AM's Jokwon and other celebrities send their greetings to Sunye's upcoming marriage

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 07:00 PM by ohgelie

Wonder Girls' Yeen, 2AM's Jokwon and other celebrities express their congratulations to Sunye's upcoming marriage. On November 27th, it was confirmed that Sunye will be getting married to her longterm boyfriend on January 26th, with Sunye's close friends immediately sending in their greetings.

After the official announcement, Wonder Girls' member Yeeun updated her Twitter account with a message saying, "Our Sunye finally it's out and public!! now you can celebrate openly~~^^ now let's plan for the wedding!!!" with Younha retweeting the same message and adding in her own greetings.

Meanwhile, Sunye's best friend JoKwon also sent his congratulations on Twitter by stating, "My childhood friend of 12 years, my beloved friend Sunye is getting married! I feel really unusual. Although I still cannot believe it now but I will probably be shedding tears on the wedding day itself. Shall I sing 'Can't Let You Go Even If I Die' as a nuptial song? Hehe I hope that everyone will bless Sunye with happiness and support her ^^."

FT Island's Hongki also relayed his greetings with an update, "Sunye-ssi is really awesome. Congratulations!!! Yoohoo! Somehow feeling relieved and happy, kekeke." Producer Park Sangnim also hinted on his Twitter account that he will cover Sunye's wedding as a present, revealing his close relationship with the singer.

Earlier today, JYP Entertainment released the announcement confirming Sunye's wedding on January 26th, also stating that she recently informed the members and the agency about her plans, and that the decision was made after a lot of thoughts. She will be marrying her longterm boyfriend, whom she met after a charity mission in Haiti last year.

The agency also stated that Sunye will be focusing on her marriage, while the remaining members of the group will dedicate their time on activities in acting, producing and broadcasting. They have also denied rumours concerning Sunye's alleged pregnancy, which surfaced after news of her marriage was announced.

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Source: Newspim, @2AMFacts,@theheartquake and WithTreasures

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