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YG Entertainment updates on Kang Seungyoon's debut, Taeyang's album and 2NE1's new set of activities

Submitted: Jul 15 2013 06:40 PM by ohgelie

YG Entertainment's Yang Hyunsuk puts out another announcement through its official blog, YG-Life.

On July 15th, Yang Hyunsuk continues to personally update fans has revealed more news specifically on new artist Kang Seungyoon, Big Bang's Taeyang and 2NE1.

At the start of the update, Yang Hyunsuk apologises for the delay on their survival program, "WIN." "WIN" is a program designed to help form YG Entertainment's new boy group. It will be postponed to July 26th for numerous reasons.

Kang Seungyoon, who will also be one of the members of "WIN," also made changes in his solo debut release. It was revealed that his debut track "WILD AND YOUNG," which was scheduled to be released today, will be released by the end of July. However, his other track "It Rains" will be released in its place on July 16th. The main reason for the sudden chance is the weather as the agency thought it would be fitting to release "It Rains," especially since rainy season has started in South Korea. "WILD AND YOUNG" will be released in two weeks time, once the heatwave resumes.

As previously reported, YG Entertainment is still planning towards Kang Seungyoon's television appearances, as it was not originally included in their proposal. They are also discussing to release his min-album by September.

The first image teaser for "It Rains" was released earlier today.

Meanwhile, "WIN" is described to have a total of ten episodes with an unpredictable concept as the voting depends entirely on its audience. "WIN" will have Group A and Group B compete against one another, with the winning group making their debut the day after the 10th episode airs and taking on the name of WINNER.

"Winner" will form an official grip by October and will be involved in various promotional activities by the end of the year.

On the same update, Yang Hyunsuk also talked about Taeyang's 2nd album which is scheduled to be released by September. It was revealed that they have just completed the official tracklisting, which will have a total of ten tracks. This will be the first time that Taeyang has taken full control of his album production and is reportedly satisfied with the result. For the past few years, he was said to be working with a number of producers and has travelled to the United States to collaborate with renowned songwriters.

Meanwhile, it was also announced that 2NE1 will be releasing their new song at the beginning of August as planned. The new song is described to be a fast-paced and rhythmic track aimed for the summer.

The new music video will be directed by Seo Hyunseung. They have also collaborated with Japanese choreographer Koharu Sugawara for the choreography, who was also the same choreographer for the track "Falling in Love."

With regards to 2NE1'S Bom and Dara's project team "Double Park," it was stated that "Double Park TV" will be released online soon. The project program is said to not have any set format for regular viewing and will have a candid format. Bom and Dara are revealed to have grown affection for the show and will continue to film until the end of this month.

Yang Hyunsuk is set to release more updates on his artists towards his next update.

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Source: YG-LIFE

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