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Idol pop punk band NEVERMIND reveals "Shooting Star" MV

Submitted: Jan 17 2013 05:40 AM by Kaye

After revealing a short and happy upbeat teaser for their pop punk track "Shooting Star," the full music video for NEVERMIND's debut song was released.

Consisting out of four members called G-One (Guitar, Kang Jiwon,'90), G-Hoon (Bass, Kang Jihoon, '94), Changha (Guitar, '89), and Ino (Drums, Son Inho, '91); NEVERMIND took off to Thailand to film their MV for "Shooting Star."

The making of for the MV recording was also revealed.

What do you think of this pop punk sound? Do you think it will be refreshing for the current kpop scene?

Source: ktmusicable

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