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Is C-REAL preparing for a comeback?

Submitted: Dec 08 2012 05:16 AM by Uni

Are the girls of group C-REAL planning to make their return soon?

On December 8th, the agency managing C-REAL uploaded an image on their official website (www.napent.co.kr) that featured the group's name in bold, pink font at the top, accented with transparent stars against a stripped yellow, white and pink background, looking oddly close to an album jacket cover.

The image was also uploaded on NAP Entertainment's official Facebook page with the type, "씨리얼 (C-REAL) ...... ?"

C-REAL has been on a hiatus following their promotions for their last single, "Sorry But I," putting fans on the edge of their seat as they anticipate for their next comeback and album.

Consisting of five members - Chemi, Redee, Effie, Ann J and Lenny - are they preparing for a comeback?

Source: NAP Ent

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