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Arden Cho stars in "Asian Dream Girl" with JustKiddingFilms

Submitted: Dec 14 2010 09:25 PM by Flowsion

JustKiddingFilms and Arden Cho have teamed up to create a hilarious new video, titled "Asian Dream Girl". The story revolves around 2 "older" men who talk about their perfect Asian dream girl. The back and forth between the men make for hilarious dialogue.

Bart and Joe (JustKiddingFilms), describe themselves as "part-time gangsters, full-time underwear models, and life-time comedians" that are here to make you "laugh so hard your butt hole gets blown inside out". They describe their mission as uniting "the Asian Youth to create a voice that can be heard in the entertainment".

For Jaywalkers, he's mentioned in the video! Check out the video below!

Who is your "Asian Dream Girl" or Boy?

Source: JustKiddingFilms

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